I just bought a retro dog bowl

dog bowl 1

It’s faux woodgrain! How retro is that? And the answer is… probably not retro at all, as the word probably comes from the French “rétrospectif” and entails looking back to things we have known. And as, surely, no one has ever known a faux woodgrain melamine-alike dog bowl even in the weird and wonderful Seventies, […]

Looking for the perfect street

Mediterranean, Fornasetti

I do see the irony, if  I am trying to make the home a place of peace, quiet and sanctuary  for me, the three children, one husband, small dog and assorted visitors, in plastering the walls with pictures of other houses and other people. Which is why I’ve rejected these rather interesting bystanders, who won’t […]

Oranges are not the only colour…

Hans Wegner chairs

…but according to Prestigious, it’s a new thing that will last from spring to autumn. Here’s a moodboard the home furnishings company published yesterday: and for their new retro/geometric collection Accent they have set a bouquet of primitive orange flowers against slatey greys. Is it a thing? Unveiling at the Milan Furniture Fair next week […]

Wallpaper in vanilla, or raspberry ripple?

teasels toad

I come over all vanilla when we approach a decision on wallpaper or curtains, and where the pattern should go. (It’s like decolletage or legs, right? Only one out at a time.) Help me to be brave. There are some beautiful, beautiful designs out there. I’d like to take them all home with me, except […]

Seen in… the Observer magazine

Observer magazine

My favourite coffee table featured in the Observer magazine on Sunday! Doesn’t it look swell! Here is the ad, sitting on my own eBay bargain Guy Rogers (bought from Hastings, in the end). The shoot, for G Plan Vintage, featured this Guy Rogers coffee table borrowed from Birmingham vintage furniture sellers Fragile Design. More on […]

Here comes the sun

Mother's day flowers

Mother’s Day 2014, in Denby Arabesque. Ooh, I had to fight hard on eBay for these lovely, hand-painted cups (to go with the lovely parent coffee pot) But they are strangely unloveable to drink out of; too shallow, maybe, when you’ve been used to drinking out of mugs your whole life. I actually got them […]

Fattipuffs and Thinifers

chocolate milkshake

Today the UK’s chief medical officer said we were (mostly) too fat – causing me to fret over breakfast: does a little bit of chub around the middle which I mostly ignore cast me into the pot of willfully self-deceiving, overweight women who think they’re OK, actually, so long as they never buy a bikini? […]

Corian wood

corian oak

I’ve been looking at this desk by London designer Nicolette de Waart: it’s travelling to Italy soon for Milan’s Design Week (or Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, 8-13 April) where it will be flying the flag for sustainable UK design in the EDIT at designjunction exhibition in the Green Room at Palazzo Morando (phew, […]

A 1970s hedgerow

Hedgerow of coffee pots

These all came separately in the post, but don’t they look nice together? If you were to plant a copse in a 1970s book of illustrations, this is what it might be like. The first two pots are by Midwinter, in the Portobello shape introduced in 1967. (Yes, I know this post claims to be […]

Footballing fonts


Get this for a fantastic Kickstarter idea: World Cup football jerseys for dogs. Yes! You read it here first! If US entrepreneur Alexander Campaz can raise $16,000 by April 5 he will manufacture and ship dog tops to match the 32 countries taking part in the Brazil football world cup this June. OK, that’s enough […]